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Kauai Surf Co. Top Summer Products

The world's best waterproof backpacks and dry bags, inspired, forged and tested at the wettest spot on Earth, the island of Kauai!

Summers are made for outdoor activities, and often that means a trip to the pool, park, river, lake, beach or ocean to keep cool. Whether you find yourself swimming, kayaking, hiking, fishing, camping, boating or traveling, you'll want to be prepared with Kauai Surf Co. waterproof gear to keep your personal items safe and dry. From a deep sea fishing expedition in the South Pacific to a trip to the local amusement park with a chance of rain, you can trust Kauai Surf Co. waterproof backpacks and dry bags to get the job done this summer and beyond. Below are a few of our favorite products for summertime!

20L Lumahai Series Waterproof Backpacks

Our versatile (and economical) 20L Lumahai Series waterproof backpacks are perfect for a wide range of recreational activities, including hiking, fishing, kayaking and more! The 20L size makes it perfect for day outings in wet environments. A spacious main waterproof compartment has plenty of room for towels, clothing, food, cameras, electronics and everything else you need for your adventure. A front pocket (not waterproof) with Velcro closure provides quick access to keys, IDs and other small items. Mesh pockets on both sides hold items such as water bottles, energy bars and GoPro cameras. Available in our signature black with blue/green logo and new colors black with pink logo and olive green!

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20L Beach Camo Backpack

Camo Backpack

This is actually the same exact design as our 20L Lumahai Series (above) but with a striking special edition "beach camo" pattern that really stands out (but blends in). Out and about, we've found this to be our most engaging backpack with people often stopping us to inquire about the pack. The Beach Camo edition is one of our newer colors and is turning out to be one of our most popular. At first, we weren't sure what to call it, until we took it to Hanalei Bay on Kauai's North Shore and noticed it blended in to the beach under all lighting conditions from bright sunlight to gray skies. Though the backpack has no magical color-changing properties, it seemingly changed shades to suit the environment. Check out the photos to see for yourself. Or better yet, order one for your summer adventures.

Waterproof Backpack for Beach

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40L Kalalau Series Waterproof Backpack

Waterproof Backpack 40L

Since we started Kauai Surf Co. with a focus on waterproof gear inspired by Kauai's famously wet environment, we've wanted to offer a backpack worthy of the island's landmark Kalalau Trail. The legendary trail traverses 11 miles of Kauai's spectacular Na Pali Coast, with a river crossing, frequent rains, humidity and a rocky ledge to contend with. A backpack for such a trek would need to be fully waterproof, tough, versatile and large enough to carry at least three to four days' worth of provisions and gear.

We spent a lot of time getting this pack right. More than a few prototypes were developed and tested. In the end, we partnered with one of the best waterproof backpack manufacturers in the world, and the result is a very legitimate, highly durable, highly versatile and highly waterproof backpack that is perfectly suited for the demands of the Kalalau Trail and many other adventures. The 40L Kalalau Series backpack is constructed of tough 500D waterproof material with multiple external attachment points and a roll-top dry bag closure. Though suited for the outdoors, this pack also makes for a nice carry-on travel adventure bag for 3-7 day jaunts. Just recently released, this pack is already getting a wide-range of uses according to feedback. Ex-Special Forces Soldiers are using the packs as "go-bags" and motorcycle campers are heading out for weekend adventures with the packs (for a few examples). Whatever your activity, this ultimate backpack is ready to go anywhere you're going!

Camo Waterproof Backpack

Available in Black and Camo Green

20L Super Durable Waterproof Dry Bag

Waterproof Dry Bag

Perfect for a trip to the beach, water park or other water-related activity, this super durable dry bag will protect all of your gear, electronic devices and other items from water, moisture, rain, sand and dust. We wish we could show you this dry bag in person, because in person this is one of our most popular items at stores that sell our products, such as Pedal N Paddle in Hanalei. In surf town Hanalei, this is the bag that beachgoers often pick when headed to the beach. It's highly functional and fully waterproof!

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10L Waterproof Beach Tote Bag

Waterproof beach tote bag

Simple, economical and functional beach tote bag is another item we wish we could show you in person, because this bestseller simply gets the job done. An added bonus, the bag is semi-transparent so you can see where your stuff is without digging around in the bag.

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Ultimate Kauai Shirt

T-shirt for hot and humid conditions.

This is the shirt we wear every day in Kauai, not just because it's ours, but because it is the perfect material for the humid and moist Kauai climate. The Ultimate Kauai Shirt is lightweight, roomy, highly breathable, and moisture-wicking. It feels silky smooth on the skin, if you feel it at all. The shirt is perfect for a trip to the beach, a hike on the trails, a ride down the bike path, or a workout at the gym.

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