Kauai Waterfall Safety

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Kauai Waterfall Safety

ABOVE: These logs at the bottom of Wailua Falls probably came down the waterfall.

Kauai is an island with many waterfalls both big and small. Depending on the rainfall the waterfalls can range from a trickle to powerful gushing torrents. Kauai is so beautiful it's easy to forget it can also be a dangerous place. Here are a few safety tips you need to be aware of about waterfalls on Kauai (and elsewhere).

First, there is the obvious. Do not go in the water at the top of waterfalls. Do not attempt to cross a stream or river near the top of waterfalls. Powerful unseen undercurrents could sweep you over the waterfall. Do not walk on rocks near the top of waterfalls, or jump from rock to rock, as they are likely slippery.

Second, as tempting as it may be, DO NOT SWIM UNDERNEATH WATERFALLS. First, there is the unseen danger. Waterfalls can create a churning effect in the water that can drag swimmers (even expert swimmers) to the bottom and keep them there. More than a few deaths have occurred at Kauai waterfalls in this manner. Second, there is the unexpected danger. Water is not the only thing that goes over waterfalls. Pebbles, rocks, branches, logs and entire uprooted trees can also go over waterfalls. This is especially true during and after heavy rains.

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