Lookbook: 25L Alakai Series Waterproof Backpack

Lookbook: 25L Alakai Series Waterproof Backpack

Durable and tough waterproof backpack is suited for the wettest environments. Protect your valuable equipment and personal items with confidence!

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Waterproof Backpack Blue

Our 25L Alakai Series waterproof backpacks are fully waterproof and will even float (unless very heavy objects are placed inside).

25L Blue Waterproof Backpack

Going overboard is no problem with our Alakai Series backpacks!

Blue Waterproof Backpack

Basking in the sun at Puu Poa Beach.

Waterproof Backpack 25L

A large main compartment that is totally waterproof can hold things such as electronics, cameras, drones, survival gear, fishing gear and textbooks. A front mesh pocket provides quick access to frequently-used items, and tie-down straps can be used to attach clothing, shoes, sandals and other gear. Sturdy shoulder straps, a padded back, a waist belt and a top handle make carrying your gear easy.

25L Blue Waterproof Backpack

At Kauai's beautiful Anini Beach!

Waterproof Backpack

Our most waterproof backpack yet, with a "double canopy" of protection, features a top flap that provides extra protection for the dry bag roll-top closure.

Waterproof Backpack for Hiking

This versatile waterproof backpack is suited for a variety of missions, from rain forest treks to cross-campus commutes.

Waterproof Backpack Black

The 25L Alakai Series waterproof backpacks (shown here in black) are perfect for a day on the trail or a trip to the beach. In the case of Hanakapiai Beach, it is both. Kauai's remote Hanakapiai Beach can only be reached by a two-mile hike on the Kalalau Trail.

Black Waterproof Backpack

Though a traditional backpack, the Alakai Series Waterproof Backpacks have specialized waterproof construction with sonic-welded seams (instead of stitches), true waterproof materials (instead of water-resistant materials) and roll-top dry bag closures (instead of zippers). The waterproof backpacks will keep your gear dry during rain showers and various water activities such as fishing, kayaking, boating and stand up paddle boarding.

Orange Waterproof Backpack

The High-Vis Orange color is easily located on the land or water.

Carry on Waterproof Backpack

The 25L Alakai Series easily fit into the overhead bins on airplanes.

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