Pu‘uwanawana Volcanic Cone Poipu

Poipu, volcano -

Pu‘uwanawana Volcanic Cone Poipu

The Pu’uwanawana Volcanic Cone sits relatively unnoticed in Poipu, in a field at the intersection of Poipu Road and Ala Kinoiki Road. This intersection is one of the main entry points into Poipu.

The cone is the remains of an active volcano during the formation of the island more than 5 million years ago. Pu’uwanawana is one of the youngest volcanic cones on the island.

The weathered volcanic material from the cone (and nearby cones) produced a rich agricultural plain on Kauai’s south shore. Today, the cone is covered by vegetation.

Nearby, Poipu Crater Resort is built into the remains of an extinct volcano.

We parked across the street at the Koloa Fruit Stand to get these drone shots of the cone.

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Pu‘uwanawana Volcanic Cone Photos

Pu‘uwanawana Volcanic Cone

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