Seeking Kauai Surf Co. Ambassadors

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Seeking Kauai Surf Co. Ambassadors

Kauai Surf Co. is seeking motivated brands and individuals to promote and share our waterproof backpacks, dry bags, related products and discounts on their social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs and websites. In return, Kauai Surf Co. promotes the brand partner/ambassador in the same way across our various social media channels to our thousands of followers. Kauai Surf Co. offers a 45% discount on all products to ambassadors for their own personal use and a personalized 10% discount code on all products to be shared with friends, family and social media followers.

In addition to increased exposure, Brand Partner Program participants will receive:

  • A discount of 45% on all Kauai Surf Co. products at for their own personal use.
  • A discount code of 10% on all Kauai Surf Co. products to be shared with friends, family and social media followers.
  • A profile page on this website ( with their bio, photos and links to social media accounts and websites.
  • Future plans include an affiliate opportunity where participants will earn 10% on all referrals that result in sales.
  • Free products may be available to top-performing Brand Partners based on exposure and sales referrals.
  • Custom arrangements to the Brand Partner Program are considered.

Kauai Ambassador Program

How it Works

  • Apply Below
  • Upon approval of your Brand Partner Program application, send us your photos, bio and links to for your profile page at this website.
  • Post unique content featuring Kauai Surf Co. products to your social media accounts, blogs and websites. Direct your followers to our website at Include your special discount code for 10% off available to your friends, family and audience.
  • Posts should portray Kauai Surf Co. products in a favorable light and should not contain objectionable, controversial or inappropriate material.
  • Send a link to your posts to us at We will post or repost your content to our social media accounts and/or websites with a link back to your channels.
  • Brand Partners are not permitted to officially represent the company Kauai Surf Co.
  • Brand Partners are not employees, reps, dealers, distributors, contractors or any other entity of Kauai Surf Co., and Kauai Surf Co. is not an entity of the Brand Partner.

Kauai Brand Partners


  • Gain exposure for yourself or brand.
  • Be noticed by a different audience.
  • Gain experience as a social media influencer.
  • Grow your social and professional network.
  • Increase your web ranking with a link from our website.
  • Receive substantial discounts on Kauai Surf Co. products.
  • Use the Brand Partner Program position on your resume to further your goals.

Kauai Ambassador Program

How to Apply

Send us an email to with the following:

Contact Info
Social media accounts and websites
A little about yourself or brand

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