Sugi Grove Kauai

Waimea Canyon -

Sugi Grove Kauai

We take a trip deep into the interior of Kauai, to a mountain-like setting called Sugi Grove.


For a different experience on the island of Kauai head to the remote campsite of Sugi Grove in the Na Pali-Kona Forest Reserve. This forested and shady campground, deep in the interior of Kauai, is more reminiscent of a Colorado mining camp than a tropical island. Sugi Pine Trees, planted in rows by Japanese immigrants in the 1800s, overlook the beautiful mountain stream of Kawaikoi. Huge boulders in the stream add extra drama to the setting. There are picnic tables and a composting toilet for your convenience, and overnight camping permits are available for your enjoyment. Nearby is the pleasant Kawaikoi Stream Trail, a beautiful two-mile hiking experience through the trees and along the stream.

Sugi Grove is located about 3.5 miles down the rough Mohihi Camp-10 Road (which starts above the Kokee Campground). You will need a true 4WD for this trip. The road is steep in some places, is narrow in others, and has sections of fist-sized jagged and loose rocks that can tear up tires and cause flats. There is also a stream that must be crossed which can be very problematic during wet weather events. Do not attempt this drive in wet weather. The road will be slippery and the stream will be impassable. In addition to the campground, the road also provides access to the Berry Flat Trail, the Poomau Canyon Ditch Trail, an alternate trailhead to the Pihea Trail, the Kawaikoi Camp Picnic Area and an overlook (with picnic tables) of a section of Waimea Canyon.

Location at Google Maps

Sugi Grove Kauai

Mohihi Camp-10 Road starts near Koke'e Lodge.

Berry Flat Trail

Trail head for the Berry Flat Trail.

Kauai wild pig hunting

The area is a favorite for wild pig hunters.

Bridge on road to Sugi Grove Kauai

Poomau Canyon

Above and below: On the way to Sugi Grove is this picnic area with a view of Waimea Canyon (specifically Poomau Canyon). (Location at Google Maps.)

Poomau Canyon

Kawaikoi Camp Picnic Area

Kawaikoi Camp Picnic Area is just before Kawaikoi Stream. Sugi Grove is near here, a short distance on the other side of the stream. The picnic area is an open grassy field with two picnic areas and a composting toilet. (Location at Google Maps.)

Kawaikoi Stream

Kawaikoi Stream. You're getting close!

Sugi Pine Trees

The Sugi Pine Trees are native to Japan.

Sugi Grove

Sugi Grove

Sugi Grove

Sugi Grove

Huge boulders in the stream below the picnic area.

Waterproof Backpack

Our Kauai Surf Co. "Kalalau Series" Camo Waterproof Backpack at Sugi Grove!

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