Waterproof Backpack for College

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Waterproof Backpack for College

We originally designed our line of waterproof backpacks for outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, camping, kayaking and the like. And our backpacks do very well in those situations. However, we've been surprised to learn that a lot of our backpacks that we sell are being used by students on high school and college campuses.

Many students suddenly realize the value of a waterproof backpack the first time they are caught in the rain commuting to school or walking between campus buildings. Students have a lot of valuable stuff in their backpacks, including high-priced textbooks, laptops, electronics and homework. Unfortunately, the vast majority of school backpacks are not fully waterproof. They may be water resistant, but water will eventually soak through the material, get in through stitching and seep in through zippers. The last thing a student needs is a ruined laptop or soggy homework.

Our Kauai Surf Co. waterproof backpacks are fully waterproof, designed with fully waterproof materials, sonic-welded seams (instead of stitching) and roll-top dry bag closures that absolutely keep out the elements.

For a waterproof backpack for school we suggest one of our 20L or 25L models, with our 25L models having more substantial shoulder strap stitching to accommodate heavier loads. There are several colors to choose from, but black is a solid and stylish choice for a school backpack. Our backpacks are outfitted with one large main compartment without multiple pockets that are often found in school and laptop backpacks. Though multiple pockets can be convenient, they minimize the amount of items that can be carried due to the extra dividers that take up space. A laptop sleeve can be used with our backpacks if needed.

We would also like to note that our waterproof backpacks are great for travel too, something some students do often.

So, if you're looking for a backpack for school, you might as well get a fully waterproof backpack because sooner or later it will be raining, perhaps a lot! It will be a good feeling to know that your valuable school items will always be safe and secure in a waterproof backpack that fully protects against the elements.


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