Secret Honu Road in Princeville, Kauai

Hanalei Bay Resort, Princeville -

Secret Honu Road in Princeville, Kauai

There is a little-known road in Princeville that connects the Princeville Resort with perhaps the most magnificent view in all of Kauai. That road is known as Honu Road, and maybe you've seen it behind the pool area at the resort but didn't know where it led. The well-maintained dirt road leads to the end of Hanalei Plantation Road, where, in addition to the lookout, there is also the delicious Nourish Hanalei farm stand.

The incredible view at the top of the road encompasses virtually the entire Hanalei area, including the valley and bay, with a unique vantage point looking down the Hanalei River.

Honu Road sits underneath Hanalei Bay Resort (HBR), but there are no shortcuts through the impenetrable growth from the resort to the road. The only access points to the road are behind the pool at the Princeville Resort and on the other end at Hanalei Plantation Road. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes to walk the length of the road.

Nearby, the "Club Med Ruins" can be found where Honu Road meets Hanalei Plantation Road.

Vehicle access to the road is blocked by a locked gate at Hanalei Plantation Road. However, there is foot access to the road. Joggers and individuals out on morning or evening strolls can sometimes be found on the road.

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Honu Road Photos

Honu Road Kauai
This magnificent view of Hanalei can be found at the top of Honu Road (the end of Hanalei Plantation Road)!

Honu Road Kauai

Honu Road Kauai
Honu Road is well-maintained. There is dense foliage on both sides of the road.
Nourish Hanalei Honu Road
Nourish Hanalei is a small farm stand that serves locally grown fruit and produce and healthy island treats such as salads and smoothie bowls. Open Tuesday through Friday 11AM-3PM.
Honu Road Princeville Resort
Honu Road
Access to Honu Road can be found behind the pool area at the Princeville Resort.
Honu Road Kauai
Honu Road Kauai
This unique abandoned property can be found near Hanalei Plantation Road and Honu Road.

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