40L Kalalau Series Waterproof Backpack

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Tough enough for the Kalalau Trail, tough enough for anywhere!

(Also available in Camo Green)

Kauai's Kalalau Trail traverses 11-miles of the island's magnificent Na Pali Coast. The trail is considered one of the most dangerous hikes in the world. Not just any pack will do in this extreme and wet environment. Such a pack needs to be tough and durable, absolutely waterproof, and able to comfortably haul at least three days worth of provisions. Kauai Surf Co.'s 40L Kalalau Series Waterproof Backpack is perfectly-suited for this mission!

While the pack tackles the Kalalau Trail with ease, this capable backpack is well-suited for a variety of tasks. This is a traditional surf backpack with a 40L capacity that is just the right size to transport your wetsuit (and other gear) to and from your favorite surf spot. The pack is in its element in a wide range of outdoor activities, including hiking, camping, beachgoing, kayaking, fishing, tubing, boating and anytime you need to keep your gear safe and dry.

The 40L size is also a good fit for a three-four day travel adventure bag. The backpack is carry-on size and fits in most airplane overhead compartments.

Though it is not intended to be used underwater, quick submersion is no problem for this backpack. In fact, the backpack floats and is difficult to push underwater unless very heavy objects are placed inside.

Constructed from durable 500D PVC waterproof material with sonic-welded seams, this pack provides maximum waterproof capability to protect your gear from rain, sand, dust and water. A true roll-top dry bag closure absolutely keeps out the elements while the upgraded UTX buckles are built to last.

The spacious main waterproof compartment holds a considerable amount of gear, while a variety of external attachment points provide versatility for carrying even more gear. There's also a water-resistant front pocket and a removable 13-inch laptop sleeve that attaches to the inside of the pack with Velcro.

Go anywhere, at any time, with this tough pack!

Product Description

Weight: 3.5 lbs
Size: 15 inches wide x 9 inches deep x 22 inches height
Capacity: 40 Liters
Material: Durable 500D PVC
Sonic-welded seams
Puncture and abrasion resistant
Quick submersion waterproof
Waterproof main compartment with dry bag closure
Front pocket with zipper closure. (Please note the front pocket is not waterproof.)
Adjustable shoulder straps
Sternum strap
Waist strap
Removable 13-inch laptop sleeve attaches to inside of pack with Velcro (15 inches x 10.5 inches).
Mesh pockets on both sides hold water bottles and other gear.
Attachment points on both sides (above mesh pockets) to attach external gear.
2 daisy chains on front of pack to attach external gear.
Adjustable webbing on front of pack to hold external gear.
Upgraded UTX buckles
Top handle
Kauai Surf Co. logo above the pocket
Color: Black with silver metallic logo. (Also available in Camo Green)