40L Kalalau Series 8-Pack Camo Waterproof Backpack

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Special pricing promotion for First Responders, Law Enforcement and Retailers.

8 Pack - $400 (regular $792)

Waterproof Backpack for First Responders and Law Enforcement

For First Responders and Law Enforcement, equip your unit with our must rugged and dependable waterproof backpacks that are ideal for a variety of tough operations. A large main compartment securely holds a substantial amount of gear and multiple attachment points on the outside allow configurations for a variety of missions. Moreover, the tough waterproof material protects against harmful substances such as chemical or biological threats and are easily washed (or decontaminated) with soap and water. Transport your mission critical gear in confidence with these solid packs.

Waterproof Backpack for Retailers

For retailers, this is an 8-pack of our popular Kauai Surf Co. 40L Kalalau Series Camo Waterproof Backpacks. Per feedback from our present retailers, these high-end packs sell well in retail stores and compare very nicely to other waterproof backpacks. With a suggested retail price of $99, your store will double its money on the buy. Waterproof backpacks are a big seller in coastal, river and lake areas around the world, especially in surfing and recreational areas. Offer your customers a substantial waterproof backpack at a reasonable cost.

Order your 8-pack today. Price includes free shipping. Taxes may apply depending on the location of order. Order is for eight 40L Kalalau Series Camo Waterproof Backpacks (Camo Green). Select 1 for the quantity to receive the 8-pack.

Also available in Black.